IP-led Corporate Value Scale Up Program for the Next Phase

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How a Company Aiming to File for an IPO and Attract Investment Elevated Enterprise Value Through IP Portfolio Development

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For tech CEO's aiming to file for IPO or attract investment

How much do you expect your IP to contribute to your Total Enterprise Value in the next 2 years?

Total Enterprise Value

Check Point 01

Are your R&D results successfully being transformed into registered IP assets?

*Solution → PI-IP SCALE UP [IP Inventory Assessment]

Check Point 02

Can you precisely identify and present your IP assets and your technological expertise to your investors?

*Solution → PI-IP SCALE UP [IP Asset Visualization]

Check Point 03

Are your engineers sharing the same IP goals and conducting R&D accordingly?

*Solution → PI-IP SCALE UP [IP Training for Engineers]

Tech companies invest in IP because they recognize that it directly leads to increase in their Enterprise Value.

Tech firms' values are evaluated based on the future financial value they are expected to create, rather than on their current financial conditions. As such, IP assets contribute the most to tech firms' evaluation in M&A or IPO processes.

+ Increase in EVNEW

IP is now being evaluated as a critical asset of corporations and playing an integral role in increasing corporate's EV.

Traditional Value

Some of IP's traditional values include attaining a competitive edge through proprietary technology and creation of cash flow through licensing.


PI-IP SCALE UP is designed to facilitate the elevation and maximization of the Enterprise Value through the enforcement of IP.

IP Inventory Assessment

Point 01

[IP Inventory Assessment]

IP Asset Visualization

Point 02

[IP Asset Visualization]

IP Training for Engineers

Point 03

[IP Training for Engineers]

Your IP assets need to serve your business objectives.

IP rights are the core assets of tech companies and their IP portfolio should serve their business objectives.

Point 01 - From Tech Assets to Registered IP Rights

Many companies are losing the opportunity to capitalize on their technology.

Many new technologies or potential IP assets are being exposed to the public as published thesis or newly launched products. It is necessary to take a close look at your R&D results to identify and register possible IP assets.

From Tech Assets to Registered IP Rights
Visualization of IP
Point 02 - Visualization of IP

Visualization of your IP is an essential step in ensuring systematic IP management.

By visualizing your IP portfolio, you can get a full analysis on your market position in comparison with your competitors and your competitive advantage over them. Without such visualized data, you can face difficulties in systematically laying out your IP assets in IR processes or IPO preparation.

Point 03 - Building Your Own IP Capability

Your IP capabilities are in the hands of your engineers.

Your engineers need to be well-informed of your IP strategy. Through intensive training, they will be trained to evaluate and assess the patentability of your IP assets. It is integral to set such a system in which the engineers can properly and successfully manage your IP portfolio.

Building Your Own IP Capability


PI-IP SCALE UP is designed to accelerate the growth of burgeoning tech companies and help their IP assets be rightfully evaluated.

We offer practical solutions which will strengthen and increase your value through robust IP management.

PI IP LAW has witnessed our clients with leading expertise in many industries gain increased market dominance upon our counsel. We have assisted them in leveraging their IP assets to further their growth and increase their value.
With accumulated knowledge and know-how, we provide counsel to our new clients which helps lighten the burden of IP management and helps them focus on their technical development.