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"I'm starting an AI startup, and I need you to take charge of the IP!"

2013, First Encounter with AI

PI IP LAW's speciality in AI begins with a story of two friends--our partner Daeho and his lifelong friend, Kiyoung.

Daeho delved deep into Deep-learning as soon as Kiyoung asked for his expertise on securing and expanding IP rights in AI for his startup.

in acquiring SUALAB

"SUALAB’s considerable IP, engineering expertise, and extensive marketcoverage will help us to serve a fast-growing market."

2019, Proven IP Leaders in AI

In 2019, SUALAB was acquired by a leading U.S. manufacturer of machine vision systems at the highest price in the M&A history of Korean IT startups.

During the M&A process, Daeho sat at the negotiating tables with the acquiring party, and stressed and advocated the superiority of SUALAB's IP portfolio.


at the Frontiers of AI & IP

PI IP LAW is at the frontiers of both AI and PI.

The results we bring to our clients and our ceaseless studies speak for themselves,

and our clients and external experts trust our work.

"PI IP LAW can leverage their superb expertise and understanding of AI technology to best protect our IP. They provide a firm foundation and clear guidance for us to build our ideas and develop them into a registered patent right from the ground up."

Andre S. Yoon, CEO, MakinaRocks

Creation of an AI Taskforce

In 2013, AI and Deep-learning technology were still an unchartered territory even for IP specialists.

PI IP LAW took initiative by forming an AI taskforce and conducted intense research and study, attracting numerous Deep-learning startups as clients.


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Daeho Lee

Managing Partner

Gunhong Park

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Founding Partner

Jaeyoon Kim

Jaeyoon Kim


Chihyung Kim

Chihyung Kim


Junhyoung Cho

Junhyoung Cho


Dedication to
Research and Study in AI

PI IP LAW has researched on introducing Data Structure Claims and shared the results with the open public.

We have further conducted extensive research on: which segment of an AI technology can become eligible as a patent, how to devise the right patent specification for AI patents, what kind of relation should be maintained between Open Innovation and IP rights, and how AI leaders in the world are protecting their patents.

Data Structure Claim
<Data Structure Claim Example>

Our Insights

"Research on the Relation between Open License applied in Google Tensorflow and its IP rights"

Daeho's writing has been quoted by Korea Copyright Protection Agency, and led to a follow-up study in a copyright seminar.


A Force for Good or Daring to Be Evil?

A Force for Good or Daring to Be Evil?

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Digging Deeper into Tensorflow

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AI patent report on Google’s Batch Normalization Layers

Comments on the 1st Rejection of Google's Batch Normalization Layers Patent by USPTO

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Sharing Our Expertise in AI

We have been sharing our expertise and experience in AI by hosting open seminars since 2017. We have also shared our research and analysis on introducing data structure claims to AI patents.

Through the Korean AI Landscape Analysis Project, we classified and analyzed every AI patent filed to KIPO, and shared the visualized results as open public data.

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