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Yeonju Jung as New Patent Attorney

PI IP LAW is pleased to announce the addition of Yeonju Jung as a new Patent Attorney to our firm. Yeonju has expertise in 4th industrial revolution technologies such as semiconductors, batteries, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and autonomous driving, and at PI IP LAW she will be responsible for handling intellectual property works related to software, artificial intelligence, and electronics fields

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Changing How People Work, Microsoft Copilot - What if There's a Patent Owned by Their Competitors?

Microsoft recently announced its AI-powered digital assistant Copilot. The AI assistant is expected to boost people’s work productivity through a whole new way of working. In this article, we’ve looked through how these functions of Copilot are being protected through patents.

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PI IP LAW Attends INTA 2023 in Singapore

PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & ASSOCIATES) will be attending the INTA annual meeting in Singapore, from May 16 to 20, 2023

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Copyright Infringement Dispute over Copycat YouTube Contents Produced by Generative AIs

While generative AI models are on the rise, there are also myths about them, as if they could think independently and be as competitive as humans. But it is clear at this moment that generative AI models can only re-implement the styles and patterns of pre-trained data. The recent AI-generated video controversy among Korean YouTubers makes us think that issues are beginning to leak out from the real problems we’ve been neglecting so far.

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New Things Happening at PI IP LAW - Introducing our Hybrid Offices in Europe and Latin America

PI IP LAW has introduced a hybrid office policy to offer its members with fully remote offices.

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