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Looking Ahead to a Brighter 2021 - A Message from Our Partners

Season’s Greetings and Plans for 2021 from Our Partners

by Daeho Lee · Managing Partner · 2021-01-08


Why Does Predicting a Protein’s 3D Structure Matter? The Biological Impact of AI System AlphaFold [1]

Why is predicting protein 3D structures important? These are our thoughts on the unprecedented advances of the AI team DeepMind on the so-ca ...

by Claudia Corvalan · Technical Advisor · 2020-12-10

AlphaFold, importance of protein structure prediction.jpg

PI IP LAW Seminar: Machine Learning Patenting in Europe

EIP and PI IP LAW will be co-hosting a webinar on “Machine Learning Patenting in Europe”.

by PI IP LAW · 2020-10-15

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Success Against a Conglomerate: Logic & Tenacity Proved in the “GRAM” Cryptocurrency Trademark Dispute

Introducing the cryptocurrency industry trademark “GRAM”/”gram” dispute case between Telegram Messengers, Inc. and Lantah LLC which our firm ...

by Seoungjun Lee · IP Specialist · 2020-10-05


PI IP LAW’s AI-based Patent Analysis and Monitoring Service Selected for ‘2020 AI Voucher Project'

PI IP LAW has been selected for South Korea’s National IT industry Promotion Agency(NIPA)’s ‘2020 AI Voucher Project’ and has signed an MOU ...

by PI IP LAW · 2020-09-28


PI IP LAW Seminar: Patent Cases in the Field of Deep Learning

"Patent Cases in the Field of Deep Learning" by Daeho Lee is one of the seminars that will be hosted at the "AI Week Festival".

by Daeho Lee · Managing Partner · 2020-09-02


Donggeun Lee as New Senior Associate Patent Attorney

PI IP LAW is pleased to announce the addition of Donggeun Lee as a new Senior Associate Patent Attorney. He has expertise in next-generation ...

by PI IP LAW · 2020-08-24

donggeun lee.jpg

Jaehyun Ahn as New Senior Associate Trademark Attorney

PI IP LAW has recruited Patent Attorney Ahn Jaehyun this time to strengthen the trademark team, an expert who served as the chief judge at t ...

by PI IP LAW · 2020-03-05

PI IP LAW_Jaehyun.jpg

Artificial Intelligence! Please Recommend Us a New Drug Candidate!

PI IP LAW breaks down patents of multinational companies to learn about the technologies and the emerging role of artificial intelligence in ...

by Daeho Lee · Managing Partner · 2020-02-20


PI IP LAW hires 2 New Patent Attorneys

PI IP LAW is delighted to announce the addition of 2 new associates to our team. Patent Attorney Hyunhwa Lee, who passed the Korean Patent B ...

by PI IP LAW · 2020-01-07