Kuhyang Jung

Kuhyang Jung


Software, Elecrtical Engineering, AI

Korean, English


T.'+82 2 6745 0416

"An attorney who enhances the quality of clients' patents."

Ku-hyang Jung handles intellectual property matters in the fields of artificial intelligence, electronics, and software at PI IP Law Firm. Ku-hyang Jung has dealt with patent applications and office actions for various technologies in the electronic field, including communication, AI, and home appliances, among others. Apart from patent application work, Ku-hyang Jung joined the firm to engage in various tasks such as patent consulting and infringement analysis. As for hobbies, Ku-hyang Jung enjoys watching movies and reading books.


  • Associate, PI IP LAW (2023 - Present)
  • Associate, Lee&Mock IP Firm (2022- 2023)


  • 57th Korean Patent Bar
  • Electrical and Electronic engineering, Yonsei University