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Sungyup Huh as New Senior Associate Patent Attorney



PI IP LAW is pleased to announce the addition of Sungyup Huh as a new Senior Associate Patent Attorney to our team. Sungyup is a patent attorney who majored in veterinary medicine and has expertise in bio-medical related technology.

We are delighted to welcome Sungyup Huh, who is starting at PI IP LAW as a new Senior Associate Patent Attorney starting on 7th June 2022.


As a veterinarian, Sungyup has specialized expertise in presenting R&D directions in the biotechnology field by utilizing his clinical knowledge in veterinary science. After serving as a patent attorney in the Air Force, Sungyup started working as a patent attorney at PADO IP Law Firm, and has performed patent work for a number of bio-ventures and medical institutes. 


Sungyup likes to learn the latest technology trends, and also has knowledge in regulatory affairs, artificial intelligence, and database science.

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