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Will AI Replace Legal Experts Anytime Soon? Daeho Lee’s Insight on the Future of the Legal Market

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PI IP LAW’s Daeho Lee was interviewed as a pioneer in the adoption of AI technology in IP services. Daeho shared his views on the usage of AI technology in the legal market and how it will affect the industry going forward.

          As a leading IP law firm in Artificial Intelligence, our managing partner Daeho Lee was featured in the ISSUE PAPER No.26  “AI and Legal Market: Can AI Replace Legal Professionals?” published by KPC4IR (Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution). While the firm was featured as a leading legal service provider which pioneered in adopting AI in their service, Daeho shared his views on current trends on the use of AI in the legal domain and how such change will affect the industry going forward.




          The report examines the introduction of AI in legal services from the perspective of various experts in the field. KPC4IR is a KAIST-run organization funded by the government that regularly publishes reports covering the most innovative areas of technology such as AI, blockchain and many more. Moreover, KAIST, formally known as the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is widely acknowledged as Korea’s best research-oriented science and engineering institution.




Can AI Replace Legal Professionals?


          In the interview, Daeho Lee provides an insight into which AI-related technologies are being used in the patent and trademark fields, which legal services are currently being performed by AI, and forecasts to what areas such services can be extended. 


          When questioned about the insecurities about the legal market soon being replaced by AI, he ensures that our patent attorneys are well aware of the directions and developments of AI technologies. Rather than feeling anxious about the idea of being replaced, at PI IP LAW, we possess expertise regarding technological advances in detail. We also strive to develop the areas where machines still cannot perform better than humans. Daeho explains that is why “we have a better idea of the areas to develop where people are still the primary service providers”.


          The report also mentions PI IP LAW’s dedicated AI team and our AI-related services. Our AI team is comprised of experts who possess a sufficient amount of experience and expertise regarding AI-related technologies.

          AI possesses the great potential to improve and transform any business, and the legal market is not an exception. At PI IP LAW, we understand the advantages of AI. Our team not only secures patent rights involving AI technology but also delivers advanced solutions incorporating IT in our services. To further achieve such innovative solutions, we are working closely with Sejinmind, an IT startup established by Daeho. Sejinmind focuses on developing AI services that can be applied efficiently to the patent or trademark application process

          To read the complete report and the interview, we invite you to click and download the report at the following link (available only in Korean): AI and Legal MArket_Can AI Replace Legal Professionals?

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