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[Video] Daeho Lee featured on IP Around the World’s Episode on South Korea

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Join us on IP Somm’s episode of IP Around the World, featuring our Managing Partner Daeho Lee who shares his insight on the trademark registration process in Korea.

          We were honored to participate in the first episode of the IP Around the World series run by IP Somm. IP Somm is a weekly vlog hosted by Heather Boyd, a Canadian registered IP Agent, where she invites different guests to talk about various aspects of intellectual property. 


          Our Managing Partner Daeho Lee was featured as the guest and chatted about the differences in the trademark prosecution between South Korea and Canada.


           Heather has been working in the IP field since 2001 and founded Pillar IP,  Inc. in October 2012. She is also a certified sommelier, so the IP Somm vlog is a mix of a business-driven conversation with the pleasure of sharing a drink. As a campaign under Pillar IP’s Youtube Channel,  IP Somm aims to make IP more palatable and approachable for the audience.

          In the video, Daeho responds to some frequently asked questions that arise during trademark registration processes, such as questions about the time duration of the registration in South Korea, required usage of trademark prior to obtaining registration, whether “expedited trademark examinations” exist, and much more.


          We want to take this opportunity also to thank Heather Boyd and Pillar IP for the occasion and the nice chat. If you find the content interesting, please like, share, and leave your comments in the video. 



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