Yongduck Kim



+82 2 6745 0419

+82 10 8835 1028

Patent Attorney (Korea)

Korean, English, Chinese

Soongsil University, BS in Information, Communication & Electronic Engineering

Yongduck started his career as a patent attorney at KBK & Associates in Seoul, where he worked on patent cases for several of Korea’s biggest conglomerates in various fields such as UI/UX, mobile devices, communication systems, wearable devices, IoT, electronic payment, software, automobile parts, drones, home appliances, healthcare devices, audio systems, and flexible displays. He also handled important analysis work, including a project for a major Korean company, in which the client’s patents were matched with products released by its competitors. Yongduck continued his career at Kasan IP, where he was recruited to join the firm’s Semiconductor Team and worked on patent filings for cutting edge semiconductor technology. Yongduck has expertise in a range of technologies, including memory systems planning, semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, semiconductor manufacturing robots, semiconductor packages, video codecs, and analog circuit planning.