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AlphaFold 2 and Related Patents: When AI Challenges the Protein Folding Problem [2]

This article discusses the fundamental changes in AlphaFold 2 compared to its previous version for protein structure prediction, as well as the patents owned by Google covering these technologies

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AlphaFold Breakthrough: When AI Challenges the Protein Folding Problem [1]

Behind the scenes of AlphaFold and its breakthrough in predicting protein structure. Why solving the “protein folding problem” is necessary and how AI and machine learning have been proved capable.

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PI IP LAW Seminar: Diversity, Inclusion & AI

We are delighted and proud to announce our participation in the program D&I Learning Day 2021: “AI for Diversity and Inclusion”. Daeho Lee, PI IP LAW´s Managing partner, will take part as a speaker in the online seminar scheduled on March 29, 2021.

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Will AI Replace Legal Experts Anytime Soon? Daeho Lee’s Insight on the Future of the Legal Market

PI IP LAW’s Daeho Lee was interviewed as a pioneer in the adoption of AI technology in IP services. Daeho shared his views on the usage of AI technology in the legal market and how it will affect the industry going forward.

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[Video] Daeho Lee featured on IP Around the World’s Episode on South Korea

Join us on IP Somm’s episode of IP Around the World, featuring our Managing Partner Daeho Lee who shares his insight on the trademark registration process in Korea.

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