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We build and deliver the most advanced Legal Tech Solutions by incorporating IT in our services, introducing a new paradigm of IP.

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Jaeyoon Kim as New Partner Patent Attorney

PI IP LAW is pleased to announce the addition of Jaeyoon Kim as a new Partner Patent Attorney to our firm. He has expertise in the field of telecommunications, software, electronic devices, and antenna, and at PI IP LAW he will be leading the patent team in next-generation leading technologies such as blockchain, deep learning, and big data.

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Season’s Greetings and New Year’s Wishes from PI IP LAW

As 2021 comes to a close, PI IP LAW would like to share our achievements and also share our plans for 2022.

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Examiners’ Statistics: What are Most Common Grounds for Trademark Refusal and the Hardest to Overcome?

We used our analytical tool to study the most common grounds for refusal of trademark applications in Korea and the probabilities of overcoming the objections upon an opinion or final refusal notification.

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Examiners' Statistics: Why Is it Getting More Difficult to Obtain a Trademark in South Korea?

Is the delayed examination process the only obstacle to a successful trademark registration? What should come before fastening the examination process is conducting a proper trademark clearance search and selecting the appropriate class of trademark.

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Examiners' Statistics: How Fast can I Register my Trademark Using the Expedited Examination System?

In this article, we studied how fast you can get your trademark registered in South Korea when using the expedited examination system.

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