PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & MORRIS) is a modern intellectual property law firm with an international outlook. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that goes beyond what is traditionally provided by IP firms. We help our clients protect their intellectual property and effectively do business in Korea.

About Us

PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & MORRIS) was founded in 2013 and is one of Korea’s fastest growing law firms. It may even be the fastest growing firm. Our core practice area is intellectual property law, including related areas such as technology transfer, licensing and IP financing. We also provide services related to commercial law matters for foreign entities doing business in Korea or seeking to enter the Korean market. Our attorneys are licensed in Korea, Australia, and the US and can communicate fluently in Korean, English and German.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a modern law firm equipped to tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing IP environment. We are a young firm of seasoned practitioners and offer our clients the best of both worlds. We have a flexible attitude and are not weighed down by old and rigid systems. We minimize the fluff and get down to the heart of the issue. In short, we focus on solving our clients’ problems. PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & MORRIS) is a Korean firm, but it is also an international law firm. We have experience in managing global IP portfolios and an excellent network of associates in other countries. For our international clients, we promise the level of service and ease of communication that they are used to from the top law firms in their home countries. We also believe strongly in personal relationships. The attorney-client relationship should be founded on trust and confidence. Our attorneys work directly and closely with our clients, communicating frequently by telephone and in face-to-face meetings. We want our clients to understand that the answer is just a quick phone call away.


Our fees are fair, transparent and all-inclusive. We want to make it easy for our clients to manage their budgets by being able to accurately predict the cost of our services. The price you see in our schedule of fees or in a cost estimate is the price that will be invoiced. We reject hidden charges. With a few exceptions, our schedule of fees is based on fixed fees, not hourly rates. We are also happy to provide customized schedules of flat fees for individual clients. If you require further clarification on the difference between fixed fees and flat fees, or if you would like to request our schedule of fees, please contact us.