Blockchain Seminar hosted by PI IP LAW (22 August 2018)

파이관리자 | 2018.08.27 | Views 38
PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & MORRIS) hosted a seminar on “Blockchain Technology - Patent and Legal Strategies in Korea and China”.

Alain Dong of IPWELL INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM in Shanghai and Gunhong Park of PI IP LAW were our distinguished speakers at the seminar.

Gunhong’s presentation focused on the growing importance of alliances such as Hyperledger, R3CEV, EEA and Trusted IoT and their use of strategic patent filings to protect their innovations and increase the influence of their technology.

Alain presented the Chinese government's regulatory framework on ICOs and blockchain technology and the current status of blockchain patent applications in China.

PI IP LAW regularly hosts seminars, which help us and our clients stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and law. Please join us at one of our future events!