PI IP LAW achieves landmark trademark registrations

파이관리자 | 2017.11.22 | Views 159
PI IP LAW (LEE, PARK & MORRIS) are proud to announce the successful registration of Korea's first four sound marks for catch phrases.

Registering these four trademarks will be of immense significance, not just for the four trademark owners, but for the entire entertainment and advertising industries. Many Korean comedians and entertainers have catch phrases, and these catch phrases are often copied by impersonators in advertising, enabling companies to unjustly profit from the famous catch phrases established by entertainers. While previously entertainers tried to rely on copyright to protect their catch phrases, the protection that copyright is able to afford to simple creations like catch phrases is tenuous at best. Trademark registration, on the other hand, provides a robust and durable IP right, which can also be more easily enforced and monetized.

For more information (in Korean), please refer to the following article: